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Features :
- Investment start from $1, compounding available
- manual payout, calendar days
- Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money accepted
- 10% referral commission
- referral commission and daily profit can be added to principal ( minimum addition 0.01$ )
- ddos by blockdos, dedicated server
- Domain expiration : 29-DEC-2013

About Oilstructure :
Oilstructure is an international commercial organization that collects, analyzes and processes information concerning the oil industry. The organization obtains profits by speculating in the oil market. The special feature of the company Oilstructure is a wide international network of agents who work for the oil refining companies worldwide.

Oilstructure - Global Information and Analysis Center (GIAC)

Even before we decided to accept investments via the Internet, we were often asked the same question: "How did you guess increases and decreases in oil prices?" or "Will the company Oilstructure work like a normal company, which makes bad decisions from time to time, but nevertheless remains profitable on the results of the quarter?". Our answer is - "Never". Oilstructure will never work like a typical company. Conventional companies operate in the usual way to make a profit in an ordinary manner. However, such gains can not be called a profit. A day may be profitable for us when the company earns 3 or more percent of the profits from the turnover of capital. For ordinary bank customers, 10% profit per year is normal. It is possible to obtain a profit of 20% from a successful speculation in real estate. However, when the basic principle of the company Oilstructure was formed ten years ago, we gave preference to the oil business. Perhaps it is not so profitable, but in general the industry is quite stable.

There are no secrets here. We can easily disclose the principle of the GIAC. And we don't worry about the fact that someone else will be able to imitate our scheme of work. It is no secret that the price range in the raw material market (as in any other market) depends on many factors. It's impossible to allow for all factors. For example, we can't take into account that a certain family that lives in Australia is leaving today to travel by car across the continent. It will increase the demand for gasoline, and this in turn will increase the demand for oil, and therefore oil prices will go up the next day. It becomes clear why it is impossible to take into account a myriad of factors that ultimately affect the oil market. Perhaps, only the government of Saudi Arabia may feel confident enough in the oil market, because the country has 22% of the world's oil reserves and produces more of it than anyone else. The only way to feel confident in the market is to influence the market or to have your own market.For example, let us assume that Saudi Arabia is the only country that produces oil. Hence, we can say that the prices on the world oil market are controlled by that country. The second way to stay in profit is to be aware of what is happening in the market.

Someone who has available capital usually collects the necessary information and then makes a decision to invest in something. If someone is going to purchase shares of any company, most probably he'll inquire about this company, look through the income statements of the company over the last year, and consult with professionals. The individual is like a roulette player when he invests into the foreign exchange market or raw material market. For example, someone who is going to invest in gold understands that it is profitable in the long term (10-30 years), but can not foresee the fluctuation of prices in the short term (1-2 years). As for the oil market, there is a huge amount of sources where you can find many diagrams, analytical reviews and other useful information which reflect the reality of the oil market. Based on this information, a person makes a decision to conclude a sales transaction. But if the investor makes a decision based only on external sources of information, he will become bankrupt sooner or later. The fact is that most investors who have nothing to do with the market make decisions based mainly on the external available information. Now imagine what happens when all investors get some information that the price of oil will rise soon. Everyone starts to buy up oil. Increased demand produces a rise in prices! Oil prices may grow in a week. It is due to dissemination of the information, not because of the increased oil consumption in the world. In fact, the following happens: Some powerful figure decided to sell large quantities of oil at the price of 79 USD per barrel, but the current price is 77 USD/barrel. What does he do? Involving mass media he spreads some facts on raising the price of oil, which should happen within the next week. Note, these are just the facts! But everyone reads the news. And the demand for oil grows instantly which simultaneously increases the price. When the oil price reaches 79 USD/barrel, a person, organization, structure, or state that caused a rise in the price, sells the oil at a good price. Private investors are happy because they bought oil at a low price (for example, 77 to 79,5 USD/barrel). The current price is 80 USD/barrel. After a while it becomes clear no one is buying oil at the current price and it rapidly falls to 76 USD/barrel. Now our powerful figure may easily buy oil at 76 USD/barrel. What about our investors? They don't even understand what has happened! Probably, they blame themselves for the failures, because oil prices have risen according to the forecast published in media. They continue reading the news published by those people who influence the market. But don't consider all analytical forecasts and media reports to be untrue. They can be true. And this is a main problem. There are always facts and event that may affect the price of goods. But if the media publishes the information on the price increase, the price will grow. If the information about a price decrease is published, the price will fall.

If you rely only on external sources of information, those who influence these sources will be enriched at your expense. The way out is to obtain information from sources directly related to the industry. A widespread network of agents makes a solid foundation of the company Oilstructure. Agents are people working in the oil business, in companies engaged in production, transportation and oil refining. These people give us information that is not a secret, but at the same time is very important, we can even say determinative. If we did not have this network, we would never be able to receive such profits by making decisions on the transactions relying only on publicly available information.

We have been developing this agency network for more than 7 years. We say it openly. We are not afraid that someone else will be able to repeat this, because we know how much work we have done to develop our current scheme of income-generating. Among our agents there are managers, shareholders of the oil-producing companies, and ordinary workers who are involved with oil. These people earn money for the information. In turn, we earn profits on speculation in oil and advising some of the financial institutions that are present in the oil market.

In fact, Oilstructure has no competitors around the world. Yes, there are people and organizations that have a direct impact on the market, but they are not considered. They create the structure where we work and receive profits.

In anticipation questions, we immediately answer the most frequently asked questions: "How could I get a job?". Do you know how much oil was produced in February 2009 in China? Who is Matthew Simmons? What is the average molecular weight of oil? What is the relationship between Khalid A, Al-Falih and Ali Al-Naimi? Who and when was Tengiz oilfield discovered?

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